December 2, 2023
Uric Acid Home Remedies: 7 Ways To Lower Uric Acid Levels Naturally
high uric acid

High Uric Acid Management Tips: Here’s how to manage your uric acid levels naturally.

A natural byproduct of the digestion of purine-containing meals is uric acid. Some foods include significant amounts of purines, which your body forms and breaks down.

It is your kidneys and urine that act as a filter to extract uric acid. Uric acid can accumulate in your blood if you consume too much purine or your body can’t get rid of this byproduct quickly enough. A standard uric acid level is under 6.8 mg/dL. Extremely high levels of uric acid in the body (above 6.8 mg/dL) are called hyperuricemia. This can lead to gout and make your blood and urine too acidic.

Continue reading to learn how to naturally lower your body’s uric acid levels and conditions and factors that can lead to uric acid buildup.

How To Lower Uric Acid Levels Naturally

Suffering from high uric acid? Consider these home remedies to manage the condition naturally:

Avoid Purine Rich Foods

Ensure to cut down on purine-rich foods when suffering from high uric acid. Some meats, fish, and vegetables are among the foods high in purines. When these items are digested, uric acid is produced.

Say Goodbye To Sugary Items

Fruit and honey both contain fructose, a natural sugar. Purines are released and uric acid levels rise as a result of the body’s breakdown of fructose. That’s why it’s crucial to stay as far away from sugary foods as you can.

Drink Water

The kidneys remove uric acid more quickly when you drink a lot of fluids. 70 per cent of the uric acid in your body is removed by the kidneys. A healthy kidney function and a decreased risk of developing uric acid kidney stones are two benefits of drinking adequate water.

Avoid Alcohol

Your level of dehydration may increase if you drink alcohol. This in return can also result in elevated amounts of uric acid, as per experts. Beer, for example, has more purine than other types of alcohol. Even less purine-containing alcohol, nevertheless, has the ability to boost purine synthesis.

Add Coffee To Your Diet

Yes, it is actually good news for coffee lovers that drinking coffee can help in managing uric acid levels in the body naturally. However, understanding the amount and how much is too much is important.

Lose Your Weight

Being obese may increase your uric acid levels because your kidneys function less effectively as you gain weight. Having more weight can cause your body to produce more uric acid and excrete less of it through your urine.

Manage Blood Sugar

According to studies, hyperuricemia is related to the onset of diabetes and its consequences. The negative effects of hyperuricemia are also more likely to affect people who have high blood sugar, such as those with prediabetes or diabetes. To further examine this connection, more study is nonetheless required.

Disclaimer: The home remedies given above are just some suggestions and tips to manage the condition. Do not ignore the symptoms if they persist for a long time. Make sure you consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet.

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