December 3, 2023

CLEVELAND, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KaraMD, a line of supplements focused on digestive support, heart health, and reducing inflammation as the gateway to overall health, announced the launch of its latest product: Pure Health. Pure Health is not just another apple cider vinegar gummy. Pure Health is a vegan gummy designed to promote ketosis in the body, digestion regulation, weight management, and support higher levels of energy.

In response to the growing trend of consuming apple cider vinegar to complement healthy eating plans, Dr. Mahmud Kara, Founder of KaraMD, developed gummies featuring a holistic blend of raspberry ketones and MCT oil for ease of ingestion. The vegan-friendly gummies will enhance keto, intermittent fasting and paleo lifestyles.

“I created Pure Health to support anyone who is looking to start or continue their health journey,” said Dr. Kara. “Many gummy vitamins are not keto and vegan friendly, so I am thrilled that Pure Health meets these requirements. My goal is for anyone, regardless of their lifestyle, to be able to incorporate natural supplements in their everyday routine.”

Apple cider vinegar offers a host of health benefits. The fermentation process produces acetic acid, which can help with health concerns such as cholesterol, blood sugars, weight loss, blood pressure, and some skin conditions. Other benefits of apple cider vinegar include:

  • Gut Health: Apple cider vinegar helps with our digestive processes because of its antibacterial properties. Some research suggests that it can help break down bad bacteria in our gut, which can lead to an improved balance of good bacteria.
  • Reduction of Food Cravings: Some research suggests that acetic acid can reduce our appetite and food cravings by suppressing the portion of the brain that signals hunger and releases hormones for appetite control.
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity (Insulin Resistance): Apple cider vinegar can help naturally regulate blood sugar levels. Some research suggests that apple cider vinegar helps to move glucose out of the bloodstream at a rate that is beneficial for lowering and stabilizing blood sugar levels, which in turn can help improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Increased Energy Levels: Apple cider vinegar is an herbal remedy that can help provide our body with energy in many ways including enhancing our gut health, providing our body with key nutrients, and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

“It’s no secret that drinking a spoonful of apple cider vinegar is sour and unpleasant,” said Dr. Kara. “With Pure Health, people can enjoy the same health benefits but ingest the cider in a way that’s both simple and tasty. At KaraMD, we strive to help people put their health in their hands – a mission that is easy to accomplish when we provide the right products with all natural and effective ingredients.”

Pure Health will be available on KaraMD’s website, priced at $49.95. For more information on Pure Health and to purchase Dr. Kara’s line of health and wellness products, visit


KaraMD is a line of supplements focused on digestive support, heart health and reducing inflammation as the gateway to overall health. Dr. Mahmud Kara, Founder and CEO, has over 30 years’ experience conventionally treating patients, spending the early part of his career at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. His training led him to discover the benefits of holistic healing and created his natural, vegan-friendly supplements line. For more information on KaraMD, visit the website at


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