December 7, 2023

Many people consume honey lemon water thinking that it would help them get rid of those extra kgs, however, that may not be true. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee reveals the same in her video.

Is Drinking Honey Lemon Water Beneficial For Weight Loss? Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee Shares The Answer

One such popular notion related to weight loss happens to be honey lemon water

If you look around, a lot of people are unhappy with their unwanted weight gain. Obesity or being overweight seems to be a common issue faced by many people around the world. While there could be many causes behind it, everyone is hunting for ways to reduce weight. Apart from exercising every day and eating healthy food, people opt for home remedies to find a solution to their problems. One such popular notion related to weight loss happens to be honey lemon water. Most people feel like this magical drink would support them in their journey of shedding extra kilos. However, this belief may not be true. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee elaborates more in her Instagram post.  

Anjali states that a lot of people have asked her whether drinking honey-lemon water is beneficial. According to her, it all depends on why you are consuming it. If you drink honey lemon water every day for cleansing and detoxification purposes, it’s fine. But she says, things may not work out in your favour if you are trying to manage or shed weight.

Further stating the facts about honey, she adds, “The glycemic index of honey and the calorie count of honey is very close to sugar. So, it won’t really support weight loss.”

Weight loss is a complex process. Losing weight involves hormones, it involves calorie restriction, it involves genetics, it involves body types and other parameters. So, drinking honey-lemon water in the morning is not going to support weight management, she adds. 

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Sometimes, just as weight loss, people are always on the lookout for ways to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body. Certain lifestyle changes and a proper diet plan go a long way in keeping bad cholesterol at bay. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee states five ways to reduce bad cholesterol levels. She advices to take vitamin E supplements that would help you achieve your goal. Be mindful of all the saturated fat that you consume. It’s true that sometimes, we end up having a lot of cheese, red meat, ghee and other food items. However, too much of it could be harmful. The nutritionist says one must avoid certain oils containing PUFA, for example, corn oil and sunflower seeds oil. You can use oils that are rich in MUFA such as olive oil, flaxseed oil and canola oil. Keep your carbs intake in check and last but not least, have food items that are rich in soluble fibres.

Take care of your health, keep your weight in check and stay healthy.

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