December 2, 2023

Do you suffer from irregular or painful bowel movements that require much straining? Constipation can steal your peace of mind and make you uncomfortable and nauseous, leaving you with little appetite. Many people consume laxatives to relieve constipation for a temporary period, but doing that on a regular basis can in fact be quite harmful and lead to some serious side effects. Overusing laxatives could cause electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, chronic constipation, damage to internal organs and even depression. It is always advisable to go the natural way. Choosing a diet rich in fibre, probiotics, citrus fruits, vegetables, raisins, dates can help alleviate constipation symptoms naturally. (Also read: Foods to get rid of constipation naturally and ease bowel movement)

According to Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar, constipation is mainly caused due to imbalance (aggravation) of Vata dosha (specifically apana vayu) and the reasons of it could range from not eating mindfully, excessive intake of dry, cold, spicy, fried and fast food, not drinking enough water, less fibre in food, poor metabolism, disturbed sleep pattern, late dinner to sedentary lifestyle.

The Ayurveda expert warns that just consuming laxatives isn’t a permanent solution as one doesn’t want their intestines to get used to laxatives.

Here are some kitchen remedies that Dr Bhavsar has suggested in her recent Instagram post to ease constipation:

1. Overnight soaked raisins

Black raisins are rich in fibre, which can provide bulk to the stools and aid in a smooth movement. Soaking the raisins is essential as dried food items aggravate your Vata dosha and may cause gastric issues. Soaking makes them easy to digest.

This remedy is best for pitta dominant people.

2. Fenugreek (methi) Seeds

1 tsp methi seeds can be soaked overnight and consumed first thing in the morning. You can also powder the seeds and have 1 tsp methi powder with warm water at bedtime.

It is best for people with excess vata and kapha. People with high pitta (heat issues) should avoid it.

3. Amla shot

Amla is an amazing laxative and also helps with other health issues like hair fall, grey hair, weight loss and more when consumed regularly on an empty stomach in morning.

You can also consume amla as a fruit or a powder whatever is convenient for you.

This remedy is best for all (vata-pitta-Kapha).

4. Cow milk

Milk is a natural laxative and works for almost everyone from kids to senior citizens. It can also be consumed by pregnant ladies.

A glass of warm milk at bedtime is all it takes. It is best for pitta dominant people.

5. Cow ghee

A2 cow ghee improves your metabolism. It helps you maintain healthy fat in the body which is needed for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K.

Buffalo ghee is not suggested as it is fattening and doesn’t suit everybody. Buffalo ghee is good for people who desire weight gain.

Always prefer A2 cow’s milk and ghee to buffalo ghee for maximum benefits. 1 tsp cow ghee with a glass of warm cow milk works best for people with chronic constipation.

It is best for all.

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