December 2, 2023

Raw Garlic For Weight Loss: The cold months can make going to the gym to shed those extra kilos a strenuous task. Winters make us lethargic and all we want to do is wrap in quilts and stay warm. However, it is important to manage weight as being overweight or obese can lead to several chronic illnesses that can deteriorate one’s overall health. Therefore, trying some home remedies such as including raw garlic in your diet can be effective hacks for weight loss.

Raw garlic is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of extra fat around the belly and meet weight loss goals. The advantages of raw garlic go beyond culinary uses and provide innumerable health benefits as well. In a conversation with Jagran English, Dr Sri Karan Uddesh Tanugula, Consultant General Physician, Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad explained how raw garlic can be a boon for weight loss, especially in winter.

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According to Dr Tanugala, garlic is a plant that belongs to the Allium family and has compounds like Allicin, and diallyl disulfide (DADs) which contain antioxidant properties. DADs are believed to have antibacterial activity as well. It also contains essential minerals and vitamins like vitamin B6, calcium, manganese, vitamin C and others.

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Raw Garlic Benefits For Weight Loss

Dr Tanugala said that garlic consumption in moderate amounts can help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Scientific evidence has shown that garlic consumption aids in weight loss. When two cloves of garlic are taken on an empty stomach, it suppresses the appetite, and the chemicals like allicin in garlic help to activate brown fat which in turn helps in weight reduction. People who develop symptoms of heartburn or constipation after eating garlic should avoid further consumption of garlic.

Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic can be extremely beneficial for quick weight loss (Image Credits: Canva)

Medicinal Properties

Garlic is induced with compounds that have medicinal properties which can be beneficial in reducing the risk of several diseases. The presence of one of the main compounds allicin in garlic has antibacterial properties that fight bacteria and keep diseases at bay.

Highly Nutritious

Garlic contains good amounts of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre, selenium, protein, magnesium and others that manage overall health. These nutrients help in boosting immunity and prevent the development of several diseases.

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Heart Health

Consuming raw garlic has surprising effects on heart health as it has positive effects on arteries and blood vessels. The red blood cells in blood turn sulphur in garlic into hydrogen sulphide gas that expands the blood vessels, further easing the regulation of blood pressure levels.


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