December 2, 2023

In the age of fad diets and quick weight loss remedies, losing weight sustainably over a period of time could test one’s patience but at the same time can be beneficial in long run. Health experts say developing a daily routine that helps you to stay fit and boost immunity is the right way to lose inches. For example, it doesn’t occur to us normally, but drinking water can help curb cravings as a lot of time we confuse thirst with hunger. Avoiding sugary treats, breathing exercises and sleeping well are other healthy habits that we could follow for life and avoid many lifestyle diseases. (Also read: 4 simple hacks for permanent weight loss revealed by nutritionist)

Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar in her latest post talks about 5 very simple weight loss tips that will work wonders for almost everyone.

1. Circadian Rhythm Fasting

Instead of changing your diet and making it extremely low calorie, one can instead follow circadian rhythm fasting where one may eat during the daylight hours, between sunrise and sunset.

“Eating from sunrise to sunset means you eat for 12 hours and fast for the other 12. Eg, you have your breakfast at 7-8 am and dinner by 7-8 pm. You fast from dinner until the next day’s breakfast eating/drinking nothing except water. This helps your body digest everything you eat and excrete everything that’s unnecessary. By fasting for good 12 hours- you give enough rest to your gut,” says Dr Bhavsar.

2. Enough hydration

Optimum water intake helps you suppress emotional cravings as it satiates you. Drinking enough water is the best way to detoxify your body. It also helps in proper digestion and excretion. Less water intake can lead to constipation, dehydration which can imbalance hormones and lead to weight gain, says the Ayurveda expert. She adds that warm water is the best for excess fat reduction.

3. No sugar, deep fried and processed food

Avoiding these foods will put less pressure on your liver facilitating better digestion and optimum detox. It also reduces inflammation in your gut allowing it to absorb optimum nutrition from the foods you eat.

4. 40 minutes of movement daily with 20 minutes of breath work

“Movement helps improve the blood circulation throughout the body providing enough nutrition and oxygen to all the cells of body. Breathwork provides peace to your mind and helps you eat mindfully. Eating mindfully never allows you to eat more or less than your body requires as it harmonizes the leptin-ghrelin (hunger & satiety hormone) secretion,” says Dr Bhavsar.

5. Having sound sleep

Sleep is one of the best way to reduce excess fat from our body. Sleeping by 10 pm optimises liver detox as 10 pm to 2 am is pitta dominant time facilitating quick weight loss – especially if you had an early dinner- propably before 7-8 pm.

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