December 3, 2023

Renovatio’s useful apple cider vinegar, out there in 500 ml bottles, was not too long ago launched and can be found in 1,065 retailers throughout Australia – notably at Woolworths supermarkets.

The products marked various firsts for its portfolio – first of all, as a liquid-shaped product or service and next, putting Renovatio in a new aisle or category in the grocery store.

Dr Vincent Candrawinata, founder and technical director at Renovatio, explained to NutraIngredients-Asia​ it was an opportune time to build the new product:

When Woolworths did their annual evaluation, they ordinarily launch an official assertion on what they are making an attempt to realize. At the very same time, we were seeing the development of the healthful pantry aisle – it started out with two little shelves and one particular aspect of the aisle, to two dealing with aisles now.

“In all around September and October [2022], Woolworths contacted us and see if we can utilize our technologies into some of the pantry staples like salad dressing or sauces.”

What does the science say?

The investigate group subsequently done a handful of experiments of their very own to integrate their patented engineering in distinctive sauces this sort of as sweet chilli, tomato ketchup and salad dressing, but finally concluded on apple cider vinegar.

They uncovered that their activated phenolics was in a position to elevate the added benefits in apple cider vinegar owing to it being “a pretty substantial-efficiency antioxidant due to the fact of the large absorption or bioavailability.”

Apart from the anti-inflammatory residence that activated phenolics is recognised for, apple cider vinegar incorporates pre- and probiotic information that supports digestive wellbeing, pounds reduction and tackles problematic skin issues.

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