December 7, 2023

Renovatio’s purposeful apple cider vinegar, available in 500 ml bottles, was lately introduced and can be observed in 1,065 shops across Australia – notably at Woolworths supermarkets.

The merchandise marked a number of firsts for its portfolio – firstly, as a liquid-fashioned merchandise and next, placing Renovatio in a new aisle or classification in the supermarket.

Dr Vincent Candrawinata, founder and technological director at Renovatio, informed NutraIngredients-Asia​ it was an opportune time to establish the new products:

When Woolworths did their once-a-year review, they generally release an formal assertion on what they are hoping to attain. At the exact time, we were seeing the development of the balanced pantry aisle – it begun with two smaller cabinets and one side of the aisle, to two facing aisles now.

“In around September and Oct [2022], Woolworths contacted us and see if we can apply our technology into some of the pantry staples like salad dressing or sauces.”

What does the science say?

The analysis team subsequently performed a couple of reports of their have to include their patented technology in different sauces such as sweet chilli, tomato ketchup and salad dressing, but sooner or later concluded on apple cider vinegar.

They uncovered that their activated phenolics was able to elevate the gains in apple cider vinegar thanks to it becoming “a really significant-efficiency antioxidant simply because of the substantial absorption or bioavailability.”

Aside from the anti-inflammatory home that activated phenolics is known for, apple cider vinegar consists of pre- and probiotic material that supports digestive well being, body weight decline and tackles problematic pores and skin concerns.


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